Blood Bank MISIt is an integrated Blood Bank Automated System refers acquisition, storage, validation and circulation of various live data and information electronically regarding blood donation and transfusion service. Multiple blood banks can be managed by a single Organization.

This is an effective management tool for individual blood banks and multiple blood banks under a single Organization. The citizen can avail the blood stock availability status at their finger tips through web and integrated SMS and IVRS facility.

Features of the System

  1. System functions through Bar Coding of blood bags to ensure blood collected first is used first in 100 percent cases.
  2. Compliance to all prescribed rules and standards of Government, NACO, international guidelines of Red Cross and WHO.
  3. Area wise Donors database and camp information
  4. Citizen-centric modules for donors to provide info and get details of donation
  5. Various kinds of Analytics and forecasting reports generated by the System
  6. Integrated alerts and acknowledgement mechanism.
  7. Recognized by Govt. of India to roll it out across the country.

Major Modules

  1. Blood Operation Management (Collection & Issue)
  2. Inventory/Asset Management
  3. Stock Management
  4. Camp Management
  5. Employee Information Management
  6. Blood Bank License Renewal Management
  7. Blood Supply CHain Management
  8. Bio-Waste Management
  9. User Administration and Security Management

Envisaged Benefits

  1. Increase Productivity and Operational Saving/Fast and Reliable Information
  2. Restriction of permanenet/unfit donors from blood donation
  3. Greater and effective control on blood inventory and resource
  4. Improves resource utility / improves regular donor management
  5. Automatic defferals of donor based upon visits
  6. Donor record available on emergency blood requirement
  7. Blood Bags order and tracking made easier / Blood Bags inventory alerts made easier
  8. Systematization of Thalassemia patient records
  9. Real time inventory control and flexibility to issue consumables on earliest expiry date basis
  10. Enhanced Administration and Control
  11. Testing Process made faster
  12. Auto update of blood units into inventory during collection and issue and auto update of rejected blood units and deletion of blood units on expiry

Reports & Analytics

  1. Collection VS Issue Reports
  2. Donor wise blood collection Reports
  3. Camp wise blood collection & issue reports
  4. Reports based on rejected blood

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