1. Based on your predefined set of criteria, Luminous Infoways will deploy, supervise and manage your staff at our facility for any software, web application development, maintenance, technical or business-critical activity to run your business at our offshore facility in India.
  2. Our competitive pricing is based on a monthly rate for our resources according to their technical level, experience, skill-set, and the project scope. Luminous Infoways offer attractive discounts for volume work.
  3. Once the project has been initiated, our team will communicate directly with you and your team via telephone, email or instant messenger if requested.
  4. You can control and maintain the optimal progress for your project (s) with our offshore team by utilizing the many benefits of our web-based project management tools, daily or weekly progress reports, and weekly conference calls.
  5. At any point of time, you can increase or decrease the size of your offshore team.
  6. We can have your offshore dedicated resource/team ready within 10 business days or sooner depending on your urgency.
Click on: OFFSHORE to get more information.

For more info visit @ or call us at +91 674 2360573 for more information.

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